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Join Our Monthly Subscription To “The Trainers Toolbox”


This monthly subscription will give you access to our rapidly growing tutorial library as not all dogs are the same and may require training that is outside of the box. Here you will find tons of information, discussions, and additional training videos as we evolve our training methods. We plan on using the monthly subscription as an interactive tool as well. You may request certain tutorials to be made, have discussions with us, or even send us your progress videos! We want this site to be a safe and friendly forum for dog trainers to be able to grow their business and be successful!

Tutorials, Discussions and Troubleshooting
Some of these videos include corrections. They are all fair because the dogs have been taught right from wrong and understand that when an uncomfortable feeling shows up, it’s an unwanted behavior or a consequence for disobeying a command! No dogs are ever harmed in our training process. We train with fair and clear corrections so the dog learns to avoid corrections and do the correct behaviors!

These are pure gold, unedited lessons either dealing directly with clients or tutorials that are most needed that we make for our clients so they have a way to problem solve and fix issues on their own. The number one problem we see in most training programs is the trainers do not educate the client as well as the foundation of training was not solid.

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