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ACC Fast Track Series: Part 2 (Hunting)

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Welcome to Applied Canine Concepts Fast Track Series – Part 2: Hunting

Fast Track Your Dog To Success Series with Fabian Robinson

This program consists of a two part, four video series totaling about 4hrs. The two parts are sold separately. This system can be used with a puppy or an experienced dog. Viewers follow a German Shepherd puppy, Sy, from first track to FH level tracking. This is a step by step program viewers are able to use by themselves. ‘Fast track’ dogs and handlers develop a set of problem solving skills that allow for rapid progression of tracking ability. Mastery of the Foundation skills is instrumental in creating a dog or puppy able to problem solve on the track, and to develop habits that will allow them to become successful trackers. The Hunting videos reinforce skills learned in Part 1, while rapidly lengthening the tracks and limiting food rewards. Every track Sy does is done with a purpose in mind, and Fabian is constantly evaluating Sy’s comfort and abilities to advance within the dog’s capabilities each track. The handler is responsible for evaluating their own dog’s progression and mastery, some dogs will progress very rapidly, and some dogs will progress more slowly. This is directly related to the dogs natural capabilities and handler’s skill level. It is of utmost importance the dogs and handlers are making progress each track.

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