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Welcome to Applied Canine Concepts Online Training Course

Our goal is to teach your dog skills tailored to your lifestyle, intensify your bond and mutual understanding and to help your best friend to become the perfect family member. Our unique training method is second to none! You will not find a better team to take care of all of your training needs. Please enjoy our photos / videos and reading our testimonials. Applied Canine Concepts can help you and your dog communicate in a language they understand which will strengthen your bond and keep your buddy happy and healthy!

Training Course

1. Dog Trainer Seminar - Discussion
17m 2s

Fabian discusses who makes a good dog trainer.

2. Discovery and Making A Connection
9m 38s

Day 1 is based on figuring out each individual dog’s character and temperament. We must look at the individual first and the breed second. Later we will cover different types of characters in dogs. In this foundation series we will be inviting you into the training room with Fabian and various dogs.

Fabian spends time with the dog and assesses what the weaknesses and strengths are. Here we determine the appropriate level of correction as well the appropriate level of praise a dog can withstand. These thresholds are what creates the perfect balance in training. In this first session, you will learn our direction and placement techniques as well as the entire foundation for the entire program and every command. Watch closely as he handles this pup with precision and timing with little stress to the dog. Remember, we are strangers to these animals. It is so important that you start off the relationship on the right foot.

We must create a positive attitude, you can use food or praise but the dog must self connect to you. A happy dog is a fast learning dog!

3. Following Directions
20m 14s

Today, Fabian will start out the session at the training headquarters which is the Place bed. He will show you how to feel the dog out and see how easily the dog is following leash guidance from the leash. Fabian talks about when to name commands and the things you are looking for to avoid stressing or panicking the dog. We need the dog to maintain a happy attitude throughout the process, this is the key to success!

4. Clarifying The “Down”
13m 5s

Review Day 1 and 2 Making sure they can follow direction.

5. Clarifying The “Walk” Command
14m 25s

Review Last Session. Beginning of proofing (testing).

6. Clarifying “To Place”
8m 38s

Review what you dog knows. The dog will tell you where they are in the process. Connecting the Word to the direction.

7. Correction With Direction - Start Of Recall
21m 46s

One review. Once we see the dog has accepted the terms and understands, we introduce the correction phase.

8. Finding Holes In Your Training & Bulletproofing
14m 26s

Review and Test Day.

9. Distractions
10m 24s

In the 2nd week we start testing or “proofing” what the dog has learned and most importantly that we taught the dog correctly. We don’t go by days here, it is constantly changing the environment and upping the ante on distractions, maybe introducing past triggers depending on what the dog is in training for. Here are some common examples.

10. Distractions While Walking
8m 8s

Clarifying rules stay the same. Correcting reactive behavior

11. Front Door Behavior
14m 4s

This covers dealing with over excitement when people come over.

12. Jumping On Furniture
11m 5s

Encourage behavior. Create conflict of interest.

13. Introduction To The E-Collar
15m 4s

Introduction to e collar as back up. In the 3rd week we start layering the e-collar with commands and linking unwanted behaviors to a “feeling” Again, every session may be different, we do not go by a count by number system here. In dog training there are no set rues to go by. You must allow the dog to tell you what it needs.

14. Giving Your Words Power
20m 4s
15. Indie - Control Center
17m 20s

Starting to take equipment off Indie.

16. Indie - Going Home
61m 38s

Clean Slate, Transfer, Commands, Off Leash Connection, Corrections

17. Dutchess - Off Leash Connection
8m 18s

Examples of different dogs learning the process.

18. Lani - End Result / Eliminating The Tools
6m 58s
19. Leo - End Result / No Tools
3m 27s
20. Jake - Clean Slate / Prep For Going Home
4m 15s

This is how we prepare the dogs before the owner comes for the lesson. The most important thing is that the clean slate is established.

21. Jake - Off Leash / Going Home
34m 41s

Here is an example of a Go Home for the On leash program

22. Testing End Result
3m 27s

Example of how to get to the point of taking equipment off the dogs.

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