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ACC Dog Training School Featuring "The Clean Slate"

This is an online course developed by World Class trainers, Fabian Robinson and Gina Bishop. Our mission is to educate and empower all types of dog trainers to connect and create reliable and dependable behaviors under extreme distractions by fair and clear training methods through repetition and proofing so that by the time the owners come back into the picture, the dogs have the ability to understand and ultimately problem solve and think for themselves. This foundation is the key to success so the owners may apply the training to any circumstance in their individual lifestyles. By keeping it simple, we make it easy for you to transfer the information to the owners so they can easily maintain the training on their own! In this course, you will be invited into the training room with Fabian himself as he shows you our “Clean Slate” training process from A-Z.

Week 1 and 2 will feature daily training sessions with Indy, a happy go lucky dog who just needed basic obedience. In the second week we are already proofing the training we did in the first week.

Week 2 and 3 feature Indy and additional dogs in the advanced process of Off Leash control and the steps to get the dogs connected to the handler.

We include Go Home Lessons for our 2 main programs the 2 week On Leash and the 3 week off Leash program which is a great way to learn how to reintroduce the dogs to the owner within our Clean Slate method. These videos are packed with useful examples on how to conduct Go Home lessons.

The monthly subscription will give you access to our rapidly growing tutorial library as not all dogs are the same and may require training that is outside of the box. Here you will find tons of information, discussions and additional training videos as we evolve our training methods. We plan on using the monthly subscription as an interactive tool as well. You may request certain tutorials to be made, have discussions with us, or even send us your progress videos! We want this site to be a safe and friendly forum for dog trainers to be able to grow their business and be successful!

About Applied Canine Concepts

Our unique training method is second to none! You will not find a better team to take care of all of your training needs. Please enjoy our photos / videos and reading our testimonials. Applied Canine Concepts can help you and your dog communicate in a language they understand which will strengthen your bond and keep your buddy happy and healthy! We will customize a training program for your dog. This starts when you bring your dog in for an evaluation. Our training methods are clear and precise. We teach dogs how to think instead of react and make clear choices.

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Applied Canine Concepts now offers the perfect online course for serious dog trainers, shelter volunteers and more. Join World Champion Trainer Fabian Robinson for exclusive access to all his trade secrets!


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