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Applied Canine Concepts now offers the perfect online course for serious dog trainers, shelter volunteers and more. Join World Champion Trainer Fabian Robinson for exclusive access to all his trade secrets!


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  • We have been boarding our dog Lilly here for a while now and we are pleased every single time. The staff are friendly, professional, and truly care about your dog’s wellbeing. They took the time to understand her needs and provide her with a safe and clean environment. I highly recommend ACC, they truly are amazing!

    Ashley Adkinson Avatar Ashley Adkinson
    June 4, 2024

    This past week I attended IGP World Champion Fabian Robinson’s Fast Track to Success seminar. His Fast Track method is genius, and very informative. I haven’t ever been to a seminar that gave me that much knowledge, and understanding of tracking. In just a few days the dogs at the seminar made huge gains with his method. Fabian is very passionate about teaching tracking. He is an excellent, and very clear instructor. He breaks down every aspect of IGP tracking Into pieces that I will use in my training from now on. It was a dream to learn this from him. I can’t say this enough….IT IS WELL WORTH IT!!!

    Mluvsherdogs Avatar Mluvsherdogs
    May 21, 2024

    The only seminar I have attended that exceeds its name-Fast Track Seminar. In a matter of 4 days my 2 year old Malinois went from tracking for food like a chicken without a head to a methodical hunter. Fabian and Gina are the dream team all competitors need; with excellent communication, easy to follow instructions, direct feedback, and a 'you can do it' approach my confidence level went from 0 to 100 in just 4 days. The lessons learned are guranteed to make tracking an enjoyable part of training with your dog. Their methods allow the handler to get instant feedback from the dog and allow the handler to plan ahead future tracks to help the dog's continued improvement while sharpening their skills. Lastly, they put to bed all the misconceptions that kept me from going out there and track such as wind, terrain, temperature, etc. I felt at home at their beautiful facility and would definitely love to come back.

    Jose Andrade Avatar Jose Andrade
    May 21, 2024
  • My wife and I were planning a trip and needed someone to watch our Labradoodle. We decided to do boarding and training. The communication throughout the two week stay and after pickup was great. When we arrived to pick up our dog we had a phenomenal lesson and training session in which we were amazed to see how well she followed commands and walked on a leash. We highly recommend ACC for anyone that is considering training for their dog.

    Thomas M Avatar Thomas M
    May 11, 2024

    We brought Ralph to a trainer and we were told when asked how he was doing “well you know he’s a bulldog “ meaning they are stubborn which I agree they are. But the training was a complete loss as their methods did nothing for us or him. We didn’t give up and we found ACC they were more than confident that they could help us and Ralph. Three weeks later it was night and day Ralph would listen to all the commands and more importantly they trained us on how to give the commands and continue training Ralph. Everyone at ACC were very friendly and patient with helping me and my wife with training and working with Ralph. I can’t say enough on how happy we are and how much more we are enjoying our English Bulldog Ralphie. My only regret is I wish we would have found ACC the first time around.

    Villa Dawn Avatar Villa Dawn
    January 19, 2024

    Back in June of this year I went through pawaid An online broker to find a pedigree puppy, they referred me to someone in Homestead Florida, which was the closest to me because I wanted to see the dog in his environment when we went to pick up the dog we couldn’t even get the name of the breeder we found he was six months old. He looked like a homeless dog, but we had already paid for him and we couldn’t make any changes so we brought him home and hope for the best , when we saw his aggressive behavior, we called back poor aid, who said they are not responsible for the dogs attitude. They only guarantee them against physical ailments, so I put my energies into fixing him but I was at my wits end. I had a new puppy, who was very aggressive, and it was impossible for me to control him. My biggest concern was that The possibility of him hurting another dog, or maybe nipping at another person I found applied canine concepts As a last Resort Fabian and Gina were amazing I knew right away I was in the right place we picked up our dog Yesterday And I couldn’t believe how well-behaved how well trained and how totally he was disinterested in being aggressive in any way, shape or form we are following through on what we’ve been taught and I know we now have the perfect pet. I recommend them 100%. I would give them 10 stars if I could If not for this company, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to keep this dog that I had already bonded with. Be very careful when dealing With a broker online, you don’t know what you get, but if you use applied canine concepts to fix it, you will have a wonderful dog

    Rochelle scott Avatar Rochelle scott
    January 3, 2024
  • Excellent communication, beautiful facilities, great care, and outstanding training! I spoke with Gina on and off about my German Shepherd puppy since he was 10 weeks old. She was always willing to answer my questions, send me videos, and provide advice. As Seiko got older (8–9 months), I began to have a few concerns about behaviors that I knew could possibly turn into serious issues if I didn’t address them. They suggested I send him to their 3-week training program. I can’t tell you how hard that decision was for me to make. I kept putting it off until I finally knew I had to do it. Gina and Fabian kept me in the loop with updates and videos, which made me not only feel at ease but also know I made the right decision. I also received training videos of other dogs I could watch that gave me a head start on what I needed to know when I picked him up. The videos were very helpful, and I highly suggest watching them. When we picked Seiko up, we had a training class with Fabian. It was extremely helpful, and we learned quite a bit. Fabian spent a lot of time with us, ensuring we knew what was expected of us to keep Seiko on the right track. The training Seiko received was very impressive and worth every dime. Now that we are home, no more drilling him with commands. Through the training techniques we learned and are still learning, he is able to do more with us and in different environments. Seiko is so much happier, and our relationship is growing. When we are outside, Seiko now wants to be with me wherever I go instead of being distracted. Thank you, Fabian and Gina!

    Penny McCreary Avatar Penny McCreary
    November 24, 2023

    We adopted 1 year old Finn in February after the passing of our ‘soul dog’ at just 5 years old. We struggled for 7 months with Finn’s hyperness- he is very friendly, but every stimuli turns him into a maniac. I like to joke that if the breeze blows too hard, Finn wants to chase it. Some of our biggest concerns revolved around his distraction level; pulling our arm off when he saw a squirrel, or a dog, and mainly, our cat. He knew all his commands, but we couldn’t get him to listen when the least bit stimulated. Finn never showed aggression towards the cat, even playing with him once or twice, but the second the cat walked away, Finn would chase him faster than he could get his legs underneath him. We consulted a couple of trainers about his behavior issues, but everyone suggested treat training, basic obedience, or even getting ‘rid’ of him for the safety of our cat. We knew he wasn’t a threat to the cat- his chasing behavior was just unwanted. I did a ton of research, read every review, and then I called Gina at ACC. She was the first person to tell me these behaviors could be totally corrected and spent time on the phone with me answering questions. ACC is also the only trainer we spoke to whose goal is to get your dog OFF the e-collar. It was really appealing to me for Finn not to have to wear it the rest of his life to ensure good behavior. They explained how they teach Finn to think for himself and determine what is good and bad behavior. It was very difficult for us to drop him off and we struggled during the 2 weeks away due to some lingering trauma from having to leave our last boy at the veterinary hospital. It felt like giving a lot of trust to someone we didn’t know that well, so if anyone else is hesitating due to the time spent apart, I feel you! But it’s so worth it. We felt better after our consultation (which I highly recommend! Ask your questions!) and the pictures and video Gina sent helped put us at ease. Finn was smiling in every picture while he was away. Finn has been home almost 2 weeks, and what a difference ACC made. We now have the tools to correct his behavior, and more importantly, he knows what we expect of him. Gina, Fabian, and their staff lay the foundation for good behavior. I love their approach- they tell you over and over that they want your dog to be a dog, not a robot. Finn is still himself and a total goofball, but now he has an internal switch to go back and forth into ‘work mode.’ I also can’t believe how much support we are receiving after going home. We spent an hour and a half in our lesson with Fabian on pick up day, during which he gave us his insight into our particular dog and what he feels is going to work for him. They highly encourage you to send videos working commands, and Gina ALWAYS responds and gives helpful tips and constructive critique, often sending a video of them training whatever scenario we are discussing (eg- walking past another dog appropriately.) I talk to her almost daily, and she never makes me feel like a bother. She takes time to discuss every scenario and has an answer for every question. It is truly a team effort and we’re so thankful we took that leap of faith.

    Theresa Ligouri Avatar Theresa Ligouri
    June 11, 2023

    Absolutely the best trainers around. Hands down. My wife and I had tried several different trainers and board and train facilities in the past for our malinois without much success. The approach and method employed by ACC is without a doubt superior to anything we had tried before. They truly understand dogs and behavior in a way others do not. Perhaps more importantly, they understand your relationship as a handler to your dog in a way others seemingly can't. It is an incredibly professional operation. Always clear communication from Fabian, Gina, and the rest of the staff. Great boarding facilities. We always have complete peace of mind knowing our dog is being cared for by them. Do not waste time or resources trying any place else. ACC is the gold standard to which other trainers should aspire to.

    Stephen Kwong Avatar Stephen Kwong
    May 19, 2023
  • We are blessed to have been recommended Applied Canine Concepts for our pup Bindi! Gina and Fabian are amazing. Their training program is highly effective yet simple enough for our family to implement.

    Alison Galvani Avatar Alison Galvani
    January 19, 2023

    I am 50 yrs old. I have owned GSD since born through out their lives enjoying them and grieving them as well. I have always trained them by myself. Well at my parents they did the job and I did it for the two previos to this own in my own house. Meadow, the one I currently have, is my first reactive dog and I had the fortune to get Ginas and AAC details for help. Sending Meadow to them has completely changed my life as a dog owner for so much better. Even though always in love and connected with my dogs I had never felt this kind of connection and love. Pfff the most incredible feeling. She is now calm, friendly, secure, obedient and reads my mind and it is like she only cares about making us happy and enjoying her life. For SURE my next dog, reactive or not will go boarding at ACC to get the very best out of it as well. Thank you Gina and Fabian for letting me enjoy Meadow so much and also teaching me that I did not know all about dogs and that I was able to enjoy them even more.

    Claudia Molina Avatar Claudia Molina
    December 19, 2022

    We took our 10 month old German Shepherd to ACC after only having him for 3 weeks. He had not been properly socialized so we experienced high reactivity to other dogs, growling at strangers and mild prey drive with our cat. We knew that we needed professional guidance for such a strong and intelligent breed. We dropped Duke off for a 3 week program which included on and off leash training. Staff was friendly and accommodating and Gina sent updates throughout the 3 weeks. After 3 weeks we had an off boarding lesson for some hands on training with Duke which lasted a couple hours. Admittedly our heads were swimming because it was a ton of information but we knew it was going to be a process that WE were going to have to master through patience and practice. It has now been 3 weeks since graduation and It has been a ton of hard work and required a ton of patience, follow up texts to Gina, refresher sessions with Fabian etc. However, they have stayed committed to us through this journey. It took us 3 weeks post training to really understand what Fabian meant when he said you need to “spend more time being his boss and less time trying to be his friend”. Duke does not pull at all on the leash anymore, does not chase our cat, and has no problem being around strangers on walks. We have almost completely eliminated his reactivity to other dogs through utilizing the training. We still get the occasional episode when a dog randomly comes out of a house and startles us but those are fewer and far between. People should understand that it is up to the dog owner to utilize the training consistently. The training works if We consistently work it. We appreciate Gina and Fabian and look forward to this continued journey.

    Professional Roofing Avatar Professional Roofing
    November 19, 2022
  • In a world of so called trainers I am VERY pleased to have had ACC and Gina Pfeffer recommended to me. We live near Atlanta and there are literally dozens of trainers, “obedience schools” and such here as options, but most of them seemed to be reciting a canned sales pitch when I talked with them. I have a Dutch Shepherd we rescued who had an unknown history and unknown baggage accompany him when we brought him here and I needed to find someone who knows high drive working dogs (or is at least familiar with the breeds tendencies) and did not try to force a square peg ie. rigidly set program with no thought to the specific dogs temperament drive levels and possible baggage ability etc into a round hole (the dog). After speaking with a client of Gina’s that I know here I spoke with Gina by phone and was very pleased with the fact that she actually listened to what I had to say about my dog here and what had been done so far with him. No canned responses were heard and she was very candid about what I would like to do, what the possibilities were and how to go about it … no smoke blowing just to gain a paying client like I was use to getting here locally. Due to the distance between ACC and my home we decided to go the remote training and support route with vid exchanges to see progress, phone calls and texts if and when necessary to see what I could do here when something came up that was not expected. Every trainer around here would tell me if there was a question about something that I needed to bring the dog in and for another amount of money and they would again “re-assess” my dog to see what can be done …if anything. ACC truly cares about the dogs over strictly seeing them as a means to charge owners every and any which way they can to make another buck. An example of this was due to the distance between their facility and us here she referred us to a local trainer and handler to see what he thought about my dogs potential and give a general assessment at no financial gain to them. They truly want he clients to be happy and will go out of their way to accommodate a clients needs but will be honest and tell you what they think not what you want to hear, and that is something I can truly appreciate. I was not expecting the service and responsiveness to questions that I received from ACC and Gina but for any of my future training needs and questions I may have they have it covered and I will be a continuing client. My dog has made tremendous progress with the help of ACC and continues to do so with their help. I cannot recommend them enough they are courteous knowledgeable responsive and very professional!. 6 stars would be awarded if it was possible.

    David Copeland Avatar David Copeland
    November 19, 2022

    I purchased an Akita male puppy, knowing the breeds propensity to be aloof, aggressive and dominate. After several months his aggression started showing so I sought training. In our online searches, ACC stood out, so I made the appointment and glad I did. Our pup did the full boarding/training and upon graduation, was a completely different dog. Confident, listened to commands and more composed than pre training. I continue the training, daily, per ACC's instruction and the result is a dog that trusts us and that we trust and has allowed for a happy, balanced home where this large dog is a treasured part of the family and not a pet we need to "worry about". The training was worth every penny because we followed through with ACC's instructions post-graduation and work with our dog every day. There is no magic wand. ACC did their part, and once back home the owner must follow through and do theirs. I highly recommend ACC to anyone who wants a well-balanced, confidently trained dog. We are proud to show our dog in public, knowing he is well behaved and respectful to other people. This was done with the expertise of Fabian and Gina. Thank you, ACC!

    Clay Sword Avatar Clay Sword
    November 15, 2022

    I have a large pure bread European Doberman Pinscher that comes from a working line. He is very high energy and needs alot of exercise. He is more my sons dog then mine, my son is 14 and we got our puppy 3 years ago after loosing our out of control doberman to cancer. My previous dobermam came to us later in his life and had no training. He was a wonderful dog and I enjoyed every moment with him, but this breed absolutely needs training and direction( or should i say ALL breeds need training!) so decided to get help with my new puppy at the time so he didnt try to dominate our home. I can't thank Gina and Fabian enough for teaching my son and I how to work him and play with him so he doesn't get mentally bored. They taught both my son and I how important this is for our pets. They have taught us how when we as owners follow there directions in handling our pets the relationship and trust cannot be broken from animal to owner. My son and his dog are the real deal of a boy and his dog being the very best of friends. The work they have done to help us is hands down worth it everyday. I still have moments where i have questions and they are ready and willing to help. Our puppy Riot is exactly that a big riot of a fun trusting lovable fur friend because of Applied Cacine concept.

    Samantha Mcgee Avatar Samantha Mcgee
    November 15, 2022
  • Our rescue dog had major reactivity issues. In 2021 We found Gina and Fabian and after our Evaluation we immediately signed up. This was the best money we ever spent! It was a process getting US to understand that the training is the medicine for our particular type of dog due to his aggression issues. We now can take him anywhere with us with zero issues. Gina and Fabian are ALWAYS available to help us troubleshoot and we participate in group classes to advance our training. We have already started to work scenarios collar free. We are just amazed at the transformation in our dog who we were considering returning to the shelter We highly recommend ACC for all of your training needs 🐾

    C K Avatar C K
    November 15, 2022

    I had been searching for a dog to add to my farm when I came across a dog Gina was sponsoring to a new home. She had trained him as a puppy and knew the ins and outs of this particular dog. Taro needed a unique situation, and after discussing with Gina, I decided to bring him to the farm. Gina was honest and forthright through the whole process, but was confident that Taro would do well in the right environment and the proper follow up to the training she had already instilled in him. Fast-forward to now, and Taro is one of the best things ever to happen to me, and has been a wonderful addition to my farm. He is exactly as Gina described, and his training is superb. Gina checked in quite often the first few weeks to make sure everything was going okay, and to offer training advice if I had any questions. The level of commitment she has shown to dogs she has trained really shows. She is always a text or phone call away if a training situation arises. The support from her and Applied Canine Concepts has allowed me to develop a relationship with Taro that otherwise would not have been possible.

    Seabreeze Equestrian Avatar Seabreeze Equestrian
    November 15, 2022

    I recommend Applied Canine Concepts!! This experience was worth all the money invested, in training my high spirited puppy (and me, the puppy owner). My Lucie was 5 months old when dropped off for 3 weeks. She came back with her goofy personality and I am told from others, the most obedient puppy they have ever seen!

    Jodie O'Connor Avatar Jodie O'Connor
    October 19, 2022
  • I can assure all who may read this that your search for the absolute best dog trainers will end here. Whatever your training needs may be, Gina and Fabian are the best in the business to help you and your furry family member. I was searching for a trainer for my 6 month old puppy who had developed fear aggression and was incredibly reactive. Despite decades of owning my particular breed, I quickly realized this pup was way above my training abilities. I could not bring him down when he escalated, and as a pup who would grow into a big dog, he could become dangerous if I didn’t seek out help. That’s when I started my search. I did A LOT of research. I spoke to different trainers about their programs and methods. After watching every video and reading every testimonial for Applied Canine Concepts, I had to call. Enter Gina and Fabian. I knew I had made the right choice. After learning about their program and their individual credentials and achievements, I couldn’t believe that these world class champion trainers were a half hour away, almost in my backyard! Choosing them was the best decision I could have made. They will change your life, particularly if you have a challenging dog. The transformation in my pup’s behavior was simply unbelievable. My jaw literally dropped. But it doesn’t end there. Gina and Fabian train you, and this is critical. They build the behavior, you have to build the habit through what they teach you. On top of that, you and your dog now become partners for life with Gina and Fabian. They are just a text or phone call away. They will help you through every question, every step of the way. I am forever grateful and indebted to Gina and Fabian - they are the real deal, they are game changers and life changers. At home, when chilling with or working with our boy, we often verbalize how they literally changed our lives and outlook for the future. We also then sent our other retriever to them for training. His needs were much different, more along the lines of controlling his exuberant, happy energy. We wanted to ensure we can reinforce the obedience with both to move the life we want. Lastly, I have referred friends who have tried other trainers. I guarantee them this is the last stop, Gina and Fabian will set you up for life. If you’ve read all the way through, just call them. You will not regret it. I assure you that you will not find anyone as qualified and dedicated. It will be the best investment you will make in your life and your dog’s life! Thank you Gina and Fabian!!!!

    P A Avatar P A
    October 19, 2022

    Before I brought Marlin to Applied Canine Concepts he was out of control. His behaviors were so bad that he was being medicated for seizures, anxiety and obsessive behaviors. In addition to being extremely aggressive to other animals, he would spin uncontrollably, attack the air, chew his skin until sores appeared, and bark uncontrollably. We visited several vets and each one would add a new medication to “treat” him. He even had an expensive prescription dog food in the hopes that reducing his crude protein would reduce his destructive behaviors. He even had to be sedated and muzzled whenever he went to the vet. I originally signed Marlin up for the 3 week program and it became obvious that in order for Marlin to succeed I needed to be trained as well so before he was done we added an additional week. Marlin finished his training three months ago, but I continue to work with him every day. In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to make the corrections that Marlin needed but I would see how well he did with Fabien and know that I was the problem and following the program made Marlin so much happier. Fabien and Gina have been there to answer every question that has come up and we have gone out for group classes when I needed to learn how to address specific situations. I have never felt alone along the way. Today, Marlin is off all of his medications, eats a normal reasonably priced dog food, and is able to go for walks without trying to attack everything in his path. He is learning to trust me and while we sometimes have issues, they are few and far between. Marlin rarely needs corrections anymore and people who knew Marlin before the Clean Slate program cannot believe the changes in him. He is a calmer and happier dog and the bond between us is stronger than ever. I would recommend this service to anyone, and could not be happier with the result!

    Beth Gambotz Avatar Beth Gambotz
    October 19, 2022

    We had rescued a GSD that was 4yrs old about 1 year ago. Nado was great with our 13 year old Puggle, but became reactive during walks towards other dogs. His behavior had become so bad that we would walk in the dark to avoid other dogs, bring him to a park where no there were no other dogs and even drive different routes to avoid seeing other dogs. It was time to seek out the advice of a professional. Having been to another trainer and seeing no results, I did a lot of research. Applied K9 concepts sounded like exactly what we needed to re-set our relationship with Nado. I met with Gina and Fabian for a consultation and they explained the “clean slate” program and everything started to make sense. After we brought Nado home, Gina and Fabian reached out often to check in on us and see how we were doing. They even came to my house to do a real life scenario with another dog to help me “shut down” the behavior. It literally took less than 5minutes, that’s how good they are! Nado is much more pulled together, obedient and walking like a rock star when we are out. His crazy car behavior is no longer when we see another dog and we have noticed he is calmer and far more pulled together than before training. We leave the house far more confident with him than we ever have. It is really great knowing that if I need assistance, Gina and Fabian are a phone call away. I highly recommend any dog owner looking for training to contact them right away.

    Erin Rizzi Avatar Erin Rizzi
    October 19, 2022
  • We have a purebred Doberman that is almost three years old. Dogs like these are so smart that they will take advantage unless they are trained by a professional. Not all trainers are equal. Fabian and Gina with Applied Canine Concepts have a program that will allow you to take charge and enjoy your dog even more than you did before. They clean the slate. Re-introduce you to your dog. Give you the tools to take control so you can enjoy your dog even more. Our dog now sticks to our sides. Respects our other dog. Doesn't pee indiscriminately outside. Flies to us when we call his name. Gets into down position and ignores everyone else but you. All my other dogs appeared to be everyone's dog and not mine. With Bronco I can tell he's paying attention when he walks as he turns his head every couple seconds to make sure he's on pace. Now the well trained dog that I would occasionally admire with others is finally mine. He respects and depends on me and my wife. A great relationship that I had dreamed finally came true. We considered trainers for over six months and never had the right feeling until we encountered Fabian and Gina. They have a formula that works. Honestly we had sticker shock at first. But that feeling has vanished now that he's back home. The first couple weeks when you get him back are more about you learning the rules than the dog himself. Our dog was pretty cool. But now he's awesome! You're given back a dog that is fully trained. Follow their instructions, especially when you get him back the first couple weeks. Fortunately, you communicate with them during this period so they can make sure you're on track.

    David Griffis Avatar David Griffis
    October 19, 2022

    We love ACC. They really know dogs and care so much about everyone and the situations that brings us to them. They don’t just train the dog and owner and end it there. We can return for refreshers as needed. We are part of the ACC family. Thank you Gina and Fabian love LARA.

    HaX NYC Avatar HaX NYC
    October 19, 2022

    Amazing facility! This facility is Police K9 friendly and provided updates on the dog as the days progressed. Would recommend to anyone in the area.

    Michael Loney Avatar Michael Loney
    October 19, 2022
  • We found Gina and Fabian by a simple google search and saw nothing but amazing reviews. We reached out & I was hesitant because my dog is like a child to me. Once we had our initial consultation it was a no brainer to trust them with training our pup. Scout was almost 2 and was awful on the leash, wouldn’t listen to commands besides sit and shake (for a treat of course) and would bolt out any door the second it would open. Once I got him back it’s crazy how much they have changed him obedience wise. He listens on the first command, doesn’t pull on the leash or run out the door anymore (& many more commands.) The best part is he is the same dog and the same personality, but now knows how to use his brain 😂 you get weekly updates, pictures & videos as well, so you’re updated frequently. I don’t know how they do it, but they’re amazing at what they do & I will 100% be bringing back any of my future dogs! Great facility with very caring trainers & owners. I HIGHLY recommend them & can’t thank them enough for helping my pup become the bestest boy ever!

    Courtney Finfrock Avatar Courtney Finfrock
    October 19, 2022

    Fabian and Gina are some of the best dog professionals in the country. As a competitor in dogsport, I have relied on Fabian as a coach and trainer for close to 10 years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful trainers that I have met. Beyond that, I have observed Applied Canine Concepts daily care and handling of the dogs training with them and it is top notch!

    Tecla Walton Avatar Tecla Walton
    October 19, 2022

    The best trainers!! Turned my ‘terrierist’ into a pure gentleman. We’ll Worth the $$$. And Gina could not be more accommodating. ❤️❤️

    nancy fitzsimmons Avatar nancy fitzsimmons
    October 19, 2022
  • Dedicated trainers with real results! Very happy with service! They are responsive during and after training for questions!

    Isabelle T Avatar Isabelle T
    October 19, 2022

    Mia is our 6 year old, 60+ pound, Pit Bull that my wife and I adopted from a shelter about a year ago. Mia is a loving, physically strong dog with a strong will. Treat based training showed us that she was intelligent and able to obey in non-stressful situations without distractions. The limitations of this type training for Mia was quickly reached. We called upon Gina and Fabian to help us with 2 main issues. Mia was able to, and often did prevent my wife and I from leaving the house without her. Although once we were able to leave she calmed down and was not destructive in any way, we quickly ran out of tricks to distract her when we tried to leave the house together. The other issue was one of dog aggressiveness. The shelter we adopted her from indicated that this may be an issue so we were on high alert regarding this. We brought Mia to Applied Canine Concepts this past March for 3 weeks. I was skeptical that we would see any meaningful results. However, when we arrived to pick up Mia and receive ‘our’ training it was evident that something had changed. In less than 2 hours, we were introduced to a set of commands and a behavior reinforcement plan that seemed like magic. The commands are straight forward: Walk, Down, Come, Place, and the best one Wait. Initially Mia seemed very nervous. I knew I was, not being confident that she would obey. It has been a month now and we are both much more relaxed and confident. We have a new dog and it is fantastic. Mia still wants to go with us whenever we leave the house. Now she sits by the door and waits for permission. If she seems a bit anxious about our departure, we issue the Wait command and she complies. As for the dog aggressiveness, it appears that our anxiousness regarding this may have been contributing to the issue. Although I always keep Mia on a leash around other dogs, her behavior and obedience has allowed visits to households with dogs, even cats and stress free vet visits. Our results have been amazing.

    Larry McGinn Avatar Larry McGinn
    October 19, 2022

    Gina and Fabian are simply terrific. We have an 8 month old newfy and had already tried traditional training with 2 different places with no long term results. We resisted board and train because we just weren’t convinced to let our puppy go with strangers for 3 weeks. From the second I spoke to Gina she immediately put me at ease. She was confident about the program without being condescending regarding our previous attempts at training our pup. Gina patiently answered all of my questions and addressed concerns, sometimes a few different times simply because I was nervous. We met them and brought our puppy a week prior to her board and train date. They spent an hour answering more questions, getting to know our pup, and explaining the process in more detail. We knew when we left that meeting that Canine Concepts was exactly what our puppy needed. I was very concerned that her personality would change and she would no longer be as attached to us. They explained that the opposite would happen. That proper training would actually create a tighter bond based on trust. Fast forward to 3 weeks later and time to bring our pup home. We met, reviewed her training with Fabian and Gina. Macy was a dramatically different pup. She was focused completely on us. The hand off happened and she immediately responded, the errors came from mistakes we made in communicating to her but even that has changed with repetition. 2 month post training update: THANK YOU CANINE CONCEPTS! We have the home environment that is now great for Macy and her humans! No yelling out of frustration, the only time she is crated now is if we are gone. She’s loving and more connected to us than she has ever been. She is extremely affectionate, loves word and physical encouragement. She’s open and receptive, always looking to us for approval and it is exactly what Gina told us would happen. We are her safe place. She trusts us explicitly and we are sooooo happy we made the leap to Canine Concepts. When it comes to our dogs, they are our frankly. Macy fits in now in such a unique and loving way. Her training brought out her intelligence, strong desire to please, and she has even connected with our cat without being obnoxious now. Amazing. If you have a chance to work with Gina and Fabian… don’t second guess. Do it. The BEST investment we have made to have a calm, silly, and very loving home. Thank you Gina. Thank you Fabian. Your work with Macy has been a gift to our family and we appreciate you more than words can express. Thank you, thank you!

    Reese Bellamy Avatar Reese Bellamy
    October 19, 2022